Hey there, I'm Carl...

I help beginners get started with painting and marketing their art for sale. 

I've been exhibiting, and selling my work both locally and internationally, since 2006.

Even though I've been painting for 20-years, I still consider myself a beginner. 

I believe longevity and sustainability as an artist is only possible if you remain curious.

I've never pretended to have "made it" as an artist - because I believe to be an artist means to always be developing. 

Where It All Started 

Happy client Jeff with his new CAKUart Original 

I sold my first piece of artwork in 2001. 

Although I didn't know what I was really doing at the time, that sale started an itch in my mind. 

"If I can do this once - surely I can find a way to do it again!"

I did sell a few more after that initial piece. 

Though it would be another six years before I found a marketing formula to sell properly and with more consistency. 

Around 2006 I started to exhibit my work on regular basis.

It was hard work as it meant very long days from 7am to 5pm each week.  

To begin with I wasn’t selling anything at all.

I still remember frantically pacing my exhibit booth around 4:30pm on a few occasions having not yet made a sale, hoping, and wishing to make a sale.

Proud dad, Dave with his commissioned CAKUart painting

Steve with his CAKUart commissioned piece 

At that specific time, making a sale from my art was my only form of income.

No sale meant the bills would have to wait, again.

But I kept at it and eventually started selling with consistency, and for higher prices.

People started to invite me into their homes and offices to commission me to produce paintings for them.

It was very exciting. 

The greatest gift you can receive as an artist is to have buyers. 

People who love your work enough to part with their hard-earned money so they can hang your creativity on their living room or office walls.

One of my CAKUart client commissions "Cosmic Bliss" 

It is something for which I am incredibly grateful.  

I made a pact to myself when I was frustrated and pacing my exhibit booth in the early days...

If I found a way to make this selling your art, work - I was going to package up my message as best as I could and help other artists.

Which is exactly what I did in 2008 when I launched the CAKUart website and in 2012 published “Get Your Art Out There” the 229-page guide to selling at art shows and festivals.

You Are Only As Good As The Feedback Your Client Provides

The best piece of advice I can offer is to always be focused on producing a good product, and love and nurture your customers and clients.

If you are producing art for the pure purpose of producing art, then you only need to focus on making art. 

However, if you want to learn more about what it takes to sell your art, offline and online...

Rule #1 - Focus on producing a great product.

Rule #2 - Focus on developing your brand.

Rule #3 - Focus on your clients and customers so they are 100% happy.

At no point would I ever suggest that creating and selling your art is easy.

It certainly isn't - it can often seem as challenging as trying to chew and digest sandpaper.

I have experienced more failures than I have successes. In fact the ratio would be 94:6. 

94 as failure. 

6 for success. 

But the 6 has been an amazing ride and I am very grateful. 

My point is - if you persevere, you will get results. 

Just never give up.  

What I teach here on my CAKUart blog is all based on the experiences and skills I've gained as an artist over the years.

My goal is to help you get off to a successful start without all the unnecessary guess work.

Here are the first steps to take, for you to get the ball rolling...

1. How to start painting - my post on getting started with a strong mindset to kickstart your creative journey.

2. Painting ideas for beginners - this is your beginners toolbox, where you can decide what medium you'd like to begin with and how to put those tools to use.

3. Get the free course - get access to the process that took me from zero to creating and selling 21 paintings in 90 days.

There is a lot of free content you have access to on this blog, and you can make your selections via the category of topics available.

Please leave me a comment on a blog post if what you've discovered has helped you - additionally, if you have any questions in relation to the helpful tactics and lessons provided, please let me know.

I try my very best to reply when possible.



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