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How To Photograph Your Artwork At Home With An iPhone And Avoid The Most Common Mistakes

One of the biggest frustrations I endured when I first started marketing my art for sale, was bad photography. I simply couldn't capture the aliveness of [...]

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How To Price Your Artwork For The First Time

Art is only ever going to be worth what people are prepared to pay for it.If you are like me, and simply do not have [...]

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Should You Ever Discount Your Artwork?

Price discounting is a useful marketing strategy. If used correctly, it can benefit both you the artist and the buyer of your art. One big tip is [...]

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Artists

For a lot of artists it’s a natural impulse to be inspired by other another artist’s work, as it helps to provide a guiding light [...]

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How to Write A Good Artist Statement

In this post you’ll discover a 3-step formula to write a good artist statement.You’ll also discover the things you must avoid when writing your artist [...]

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Tips On Becoming A Better Artist

If there were a way to help you to become a better artist, then what you are about to read is probably the most extensive [...]

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How To Know If Your Art Is Good Enough To Sell

In this post we will navigate the steps to confidently make an informed decision as to whether you are ready to sell your art.A good [...]

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How To Make Real Progress As A Beginner Artist

I'm sure you've seen many artists who are extremely talented and wonder how it is that they always seem to be successful.You might have even [...]

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How To Get Your Artwork Into A Gallery

A lot of artists are apprehensive about approaching an art gallery to represent their work for the first time.This is not surprising considering there are [...]

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How To Cure Artist Block

Sometimes you have to go back to go forward.Sometimes you have to relive yesterday to learn from it so you can live today and create [...]