The 7-Step Creative Mastery Blueprint

"How I Went From Zero to Creating & Selling 21 Paintings In 90 Days"

What's In The Free Course?

The 7-Step Creative Mastery Blueprint gives you access to 7 text lessons (and video) where you'll discover...

  • How to access potential customers and collectors and sell with confidence
  • How to instantly overcome procrastination and fear of failure.
  • How to establish the right mindset and unique purpose as an artist
  • How to master your time, energy and be more productive

"You can make successful leaps by simply starting with small steps - it's all really about the systems you put in the place and the level of commitment you are prepared to make. If you have knowledge of the system, and knowledge of how to rally up the energy to make it all work, what you want from your art can appear quicker than you may think."

Carl (CAKUart)


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You'll have 24 hour, 7 day and 365 day access to the course, which means you can login anytime you want, and begin learning. 

There is a solid path you can take that will help you bypass the unnecessary mistakes I made. You don’t need to buy expensive courses. You just need a blueprint formula to work from, and a desire to make it work.

You may very well be right at the beginning of your creative journey.

In the course we will cover everything from, mindset, how to master your time through the right energy, how to have your artwork seen, how to get access to potential customers and clients, how to sell with confidence, and discover the CM + AE + CM formula and why it is the only formula you need to focus on in your creative path of making sales.

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What Other Artists Are Saying

Mal Barker - Artist

"Whether you are a new artist just starting out or a seasoned artist looking for new marketing opportunities...I highly recommend this"

Joelle Hughes - Artist

"Carl teaches you how to overcome your resistance to self-promotion and provides the key components to building relationships with your customers that can transform a single-sale transaction into long-term business possibilities."

Sandra M - Artist

"What I found inspiring is Carl's emphasis on the importance of a positive mindset, and that in order to become successful at marketing your business, you first need to start believing you are already successful."