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Discover How To Sell Your Art Like You Mean It!

Get Your Art Out There could very well be the major kick start you need to begin promoting your art for sale. You can now work towards achieving your full potential and true purpose of being an artist with focused intention. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, here's why...

Selling Your Art Confidently

Are you a beginner artist who truly likes the idea of being able to sell your artwork for people to hang on their home and office walls?

Marketing Is Everything

Are you an artist who knows that marketing is the “key” to successful and consistent sales?

Find Buyers and Collectors

Are you an artist who wants to build their fan and customer base in order to have an audience to build ongoing relationships with?

If you felt yourself answering "YES" to any of those questions above, continue reading as here is what you'll discover in Get Your Art Out There...

Marketing Mindset

How to establish your marketing mindset and develop complete faith and confidence in yourself as an artist promoting your work for sale (see page 12)

Hear From A Voice Of Experience 

How to avoid bad events, apply for juried shows and what you should learn from experienced exhibiting artists (see page 76)

Price Your Art With Confidence 

How to really price your artwork for profit (I even provide a handy pricing feasibility secret) (see page 24)

Here’s what people are saying about Get Your Art Out There...

"Wow, what a fantastic and indispensable book...

"Reading this book was like sitting and chatting with a friend with invaluable advice to give.

What I've found to be very inspiring and what seemed to come up quite often throughout the book, is his emphasis on the importance of a positive mindset, and that "in order to become successful at marketing your business, you first need to start believing you are already successful."

He's all about having an "optimistic attitude" and making it the key ingredient for success!

This book contains a wealth of information, and I highly recommend it to any self-representing artist.

You will get what you need from it - with a little comedy too :)

Bravo CAKUart - 5 stars is not enough"

Sandra Mucciardi - Artist & Designer
"I highly recommend this book...

"If you are serious about getting your art in the hands of collectors and art lovers alike...

...this book is a must read.

Carl has tactfully broken down all the elements you will need to do the job.

Get Your Art Out There is a tool as essential as your paint, brushes and canvas.

Carl has filled each chapter with simple yet practical ways gleaned from his years of personal experience...

...to help you sell your art.

Whether you are a new artist just starting out or a seasoned artist looking for new marketing opportunities...

...I highly recommend this book.

Two-thumbs-up! Thanks Carl"

malcolm barker - artist

"This book is a tool that every artist should have...

"You have answered so many of those important questions. Your writing is very easy to understand and you have taken the hard work out of making a living from art. I cannot thank you enough.

This book is a tool that every artist should have.

Thanks again for the words of inspiration and advice"

Wadia Boutaba - Artist

What’s In The Book?

Here is a brief overview of what you will discover in Get Your Art Out There...


Chapter 1 - Part 1: Paperwork and Planning - Your Marketing Blueprint

  • Establishing Your Marketing Mindset
  • Developing Your Faith and Confidence
  • What Is Your Responsibility?
  • Tips On Maintaining Consistency
  • What Is The Big Deal About Commitment and Patience?
  • Know Your Product and Know Your Customer
  • The Key Component To Building Relationships
    With Your Customers


Chapter 1 - Part 2:
Sales Tax, Permits and Business Matters

  • Do You Need To Charge Sale Tax?
  • What About Business Licences and Permits?
  • Insuring Your Artwork
  • How Much Do I Insure My Work For?
  • Keeping Records


Chapter 2 - Part 1:
Pricing Your Art For Profit

  • How To Avoid Selling Your Art Too Low Or Too
    High When Pricing Your Work For A Show
  • What Is Your Art Actually Worth?
  • A Handy Pricing Feasibility Tip
  • How to Create Purchase Incentives
  • Why Lower Priced Art Can Affect The Sales Of
    Your More Expensive Pieces
  • Should You Offer Discounts On Your Art?
  • Should You Really Use Price Tags On Your Art?
  • How To Add Perceived Value To Your Art


Chapter 2: Part 2 - Dealing With The Sales Process and Payment Transactions

  • How To Go About Accepting Credit Cards
  • Advice For Accepting Cheques
  • Tips For Accepting Cash
  • Providing Payment Plans
  • How To Keep Your Money Safe


Chapter 3:
Artist Preservation During An Exhibit

  • The Artists Personal Survival Kit
  • Tips For Dealing With The Weather
  • What Should You Be Eating and Drinking?
  • How To Avoid The 3pm "Glazed-Over" Look
  • Should You Try To Dress Like An Artist?
  • Tips For Doing It Alone


Chapter 4:
Establishing Your Plan For Profitable Events

  • How To Tell If An Outdoor Event Or Festival Is A Good One
  • How To Avoid A Bad Event
  • What You Can Learn From Other Exhibiting Artists
  • 7 Questions to Ask Your Event Organizer Before You Apply
  • Doing Juried Shows and How To Apply For Them
  • How To Let Customers Know About Your Up and Coming Events
  • Pointing People Towards Your Marketing Funnel
  • How To Successfully Build Your Collector Mailing List


Chapter 5:
How To Manage Your Exhibit Stall Successfully

  • Making The Most of Your Exhibit Stall Location
  • How To Hang Your Art Securely and For Maximum Appeal
  • Establishing The Layout Of Your Exhibit Stall
  • Organising Your Exhibit Stall For Safety
  • Safeguarding Your Artwork 


Chapter 6:
Your Exhibit Stall Presentation Display

  • What Should Your Display Sign Say?
  • What Is The Best Lighting To Use In Your Exhibit?
  • How To Have Your Banners and Signs Made
  • What Kind Of Flooring Do Your Need?


Chapter 7:
The Secrets To Selling Your Art

  • The "7 Biggest Mistakes" You MUST Avoid When Selling Your Art
  • Powerful Tips For Closing The Sale
  • Turning Customers Objections Into Sales
  • How To Successfully Deal With "Be-Backs"
  • Profiting From Your Smaller Items of Art.
  • Your Outdoor Show and Festival Inventory List

Get Your Copy Now!

Who needs this step-by-step pathway
to sales guide?

If you have struggled to make sales as an artist, this message could be exciting for you to read.

Here is why...

My name is Carl and, some time ago, I struggled with not knowing anything about how to make a sale from my art.

I produced good art.

But I didn’t know anything about how to get it into the hands of the buying public.

Friends and family told me my art was great and I should make it available for sale.


I signed up to exhibit my artwork each week in my local city.

I have to admit, I was excited…

...and nervous.

The idea that someone might actually buy one of my paintings inspired me though.


...week after week I ended up with the exact same result…

Nobody Was Buying My Artwork

I have to be honest…

It was disheartening to see other artists selling anywhere from $300 to $1500 each week in artwork…

…when I could not even sell just one painting.  

Rather than waste my energy being envious of other artists doing extremely well…

I decided that I was going to "concentrate into agony” as I called it…

…to find a formula to sell my art.

Not only did I begin to focus on making my artwork as dynamic as I possibly could…

…I discovered the formula to make the maximum impact in minimal time…


I invested every bit of my time and money on my marketing…

…and my mindset.

I spent money on coaching, books, and adjusted my approach to showcasing my artwork for sale.


I made a sale!

Then I made another sale…

...and so on.

What was the bottom line?

Simply this:

I Sold 21 Paintings Within 90 Days

Not only that…

I also started creating a loyal repeat buyer customer base.  

Think about it: more people were coming into my personal brand network who I could sell to again and again.

You see, the magic was not so much in the artwork alone – it was in the marketing formula I had conceptualized for me as an artist.

So my questions for you is, do you have good art you would like to sell?

If so, you can use that same marketing structure and implement the same marketing mindset I developed to sell your own artwork.

Branding and Marketing

Carl (CAKUart) - artist & author

Knowing how to market your work provides you with incredible agility. Agility is a powerful attribute to have in order to avoid many failures. The best part is you can side step most of the trial and errors I personally endured.

About The Author, Carl

Having sold his own art domestically and internationally since 2006, Carl provides simple antidotes and practical marketing principals for marketing your art for sale. 

Carl's path in the world of art has not been without it's fair share of struggle, criticism and creative let-downs. However, his "real-life" experience in face to face selling, "street smart" art promotion and maintaining creative focus is sprinkled right throughout his self-authored book, Get Your Art Out There! 

Note: Get Your Art Out There will help maximise your impact with minimal cost and remove all the guesswork

Here’s what people are saying about Get Your Art Out There...

"Get Your Art Out There!' is a MUST READ..."

"Carl teaches you how to overcome your resistance to self-promotion and provides the key components to building relationships with your customers that can transform a single-sale transaction into long-term business possibilities.

'Get Your Art Out There!' is a MUST READ for any artist looking to sell their work, regardless of the sales arena. I wish that I had read this book before I started selling my own artwork, it would have saved me years of struggle and a whole lot of money.

I award five stars to this priceless gem!"

Joelle Rene' Hughes - Artist & Designer

"A Great Reference For Me For Years To Come..."

"I am almost done reading your book, it is an easy read with a wealth of helpful information.

I never realized how little I knew. 

Your book is going to be very helpful and a great reference for me for years to come.

I am now going to work on my marketing plan and search other avenues to market."


"I Read The Book, Tested It's Information, And I'm Here To Tell You It's Well Worth It!"

"I bought this book two years ago before I became serious about selling my artwork and after testing all of the methods and advice the author gave in the book I'm here to tell you this book is AWESOME! The book is very informative and very thorough on top of being very enjoyable to read because of the author's personality and positivity. 

This book will help you have healthy expectations as well as provide you insight on how to avoid many pitfalls and "rookie" mistakes - heavily recommend it!"

Keith Rosemond II - Artist

Get Your Art Out There is a comprehensive "take you by the hand" 229-page step-by-step guide...

You can have access to everything I wished I knew when I first started out. A lot of the principals in Get Your Art There I had to either figure out, which cost me time, money and energy. I've spent thousands combined in books, mentoring and courses. If I was to calculate it in dollars it would be well over $3000.  

While many have paid $37 for this book in the past, I am offering to you today for...

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you purchase Get Your Art Out There, read it and for any reason decide that it does not meet your expectations - then I insist you contact us and request a "no questions" full money back guarantee. No questions, no hard feelings, just your money back. 

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Will this book help me create better art?

Get Your Art Out There is focused on showing you how to be confident in presenting your artwork to the public at large. It will show you how to market and brand your work. It will help you with face-to-face selling and overcoming common objections that occur with making your artwork available for sale. It is not a creative practicality guide book to show you how to become a better artist with a paint brush or pencil. 

Can I use the principals in the book in the current climate?

Yes, you can. The lessons taught in the book are evergreen selling and marketing principals. Over all it will benefit you in showing you how to structure your business as an artist and operate with confidence.

How long will take to implement what is taught in this book?

Let's face it, everything that can be achieved from learning what is in the book is not going to happen for you over night. Nothing happens over night, and certainly nothing happens without applied effort, focus and regular commitment to make it work. However, you can begin to implement the core principals right away and begin seeing results. 

How long is the book?

GYAOT is approximately 229-pages in length, broken down into seven chapters. 

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